TK Krumenacker, Board Member (2019-2020)


TK Krumenacker is a Long Island native who has lived in Florida since 1985. He started in the financial planning industry in 1987 and is the owner of Admirals Insurance Corp. TK has held a number of leadership positions over the years, he is a member of the Marine Industries Association of Palm Beach County, Sons of the American Revolution and Masonic Temple, and he is an active volunteer supporting many charitable causes, leveraging his expertise in fundraising. Known for his “polite persistence,” TK has earned the affectionate nickname, “Quiet Storm.” In 2012, he organized and became the CEO of a public charity called GHS All Class Corporation, which holds events with a few thousand classmates attending for fellowship, food, music, raffled prizes and fundraising in Greenport, Long Island. The charity raises money for the Greenport school system.