The FFA is prepared to bring an advanced Marine Lab program and science center to Palm Beach County. In this classroom-based program, students will learn the basics of fishing — tying a hook, casting, boating safety, the environmental benefits of catch-and-release, fish identification and marine biology. They will also learn how to repair their rods, how to clean and cook their catches, and how to dissect a fish. For the first time in an FFA program, Marine Education Program students will use recently acquired microscopes to examine the biological composition of a squid and fish. They will examine microorganisms from live rock and a water cycle through an aquaponics aquarium tank. We will have a marine touch tank, antique rods and reels and various examples of marine art. Each class will also have a strong dose of character-building, family-bonding, leadership opportunities and other life lessons.


For more information please contact Rich Brochu