Our Mission

The Florida Fishing Academy’s objective is to positively influence South Florida’s at-risk youth by providing inspiration and direction through recreation. Using marine-related activities, we teach children a healthy lifestyle and constructive hobby; guide them away from drugs and violence; engage them in efforts to preserve Florida’s fragile natural resources; and introduce them to the marine industries as a potential career path.

Our Values

As part of our mission, we aspire to instill positive values in the young people we educate and mentor. These values include a respect for the law; a responsibility to preserve and protect the environment; a commitment to personal health and hygiene; a desire to protect the safety of local neighborhoods; a belief in the value of education; and an urge to be positive role models.


The Florida Fishing Academy is committed to achieving these milestones by 2017

(*denotes already achieved and growing):

  1. Greater access to boats of various sizes, including a pontoon boat *
  2. A school/classroom facility/training center/Marine Lab
  3. A permanent staff of five to 10 paid employees
  4. Regular intramural tournaments
  5. Fully operating summer camps *
  6. A broader, regional reach
  7. Regular field trips to locales like Biscayne Bay, the Keys, the West Coast of Florida, Lake Okeechobee and the Panhandle
  8. Simultaneous freshwater and saltwater offerings *
  9. Educational fairs *
  10. An alumni organization
  11. A youth advisory board
  12. Well-defined methods for efficiently and fully capturing accomplishments
  13. One to three $500 scholarships to college- or tech school-bound FFA alumni
  14. A system for collecting and sharing testimonials
  15. One FFA coordinator in each of the 67 counties in Florida
  16. A job training/job placement/apprenticeship program *
  17. A local, regional or national TV show
  18. Loyal, committed sponsors who donate $50,000 or more a year