Our Mission

The Florida Fishing Academy’s (FFA) mission is to change the lives of our youth through environmental stewardship by providing inspiration and education through recreation.

Our Values

Using marine-related activities, we teach children a healthy lifestyle and constructive hobby; guide them away from drugs and violence; engage them in efforts to preserve Florida’s fragile natural resources; and introduce them to the marine industries as a potential career path. As part of our mission, we aspire to instill positive values in the young people we educate and mentor. These values include a respect for the law; a responsibility to preserve and protect the environment; a commitment to personal health and hygiene; a desire to be stewards of safe local neighborhoods; a belief in the value of education; and an urge to be positive role models.


Our vision is to grow beyond Palm Beach County, service more youth, have access to more boats, increase our staff and board of directors and create loyal, committed sponsors who donate every year.


Vision for 2020-2021

  • Double the number of youths served
  • Expand our programming to Martin County
  • Expand our board
  • Evaluate and restructure our fundraising events
  • Evaluate and restructure the acquisition of the Thea Marie
  • Evaluate the acquisition of several new vessels
  • Continue to improve our Riviera Beach facility and add new job-training programs


Vision for 2025

( denotes already achieved and growing)

  1. Attract and develop new board members
  2. Engage board members and the communities we serve
  3. Create an alumni organization