Annual Report 2015


Executive Director’s Statement

Dear Friends,

As we reflect on the past year, I have to thank our board, crew, students and supporters for making 2015 another great year. In 2015 alone, we had 2,515 students of all ages participate in our camps and weekend events, thanks in large part to funding from the United Way of Palm Beach County, Prime Time Palm Beach County and our contract to run the Riviera Beach Community Development Agency’s Community Boating Program. In the past year, the Marine Industries Association of Palm Beach County awarded us a $10,000 grant, allowing us to provide our signature job training/apprenticeship program to hundreds of Palm Beach County high school students. The FFA helped 159 of them find jobs. In 2014-2015, Prime Time awarded the FFA a $64,019/year grant to increase the number of elementary students we serve and expand the reach of our Angling for a Healthy Future program into Title I middle schools. We served an additional 1,011 students in 2015, thanks to Prime Time. To date, more than 9,000 Palm Beach County students have completed the Angling for a Healthy Future course. Students on average showed a 34% increase in their knowledge of the dangers of drug and alcohol use, and 40% were more environmentally aware. From 2011 to 2016, annual $42,000 grants from the United Way funded our expansion to at-risk high school students with our advanced, job-training program, Charting a Course in the Marine Industries. To date, we have served over 1,600 students in this program. We are also in our fifth, extended year of a three-year, $30,000/year contract with the city of Riviera Beach to launch and operate its Community Boating Program, allowing us to provide boating, fishing, snorkeling and other water-based lessons to city youth and their families. That collaboration was made possible in part thanks to the help of our longtime partners at the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation, which to date has donated over $81,000 for the purchase of kayaks, life jackets, snorkeling gear and other necessary equipment. In 2015, we were awarded $100,000 from Impact 100 Palm Beach County to increase our services for our disabled students and veterans from South Palm Beach County. The money was allocated for a new employee, scholarships and a bus. We have been able to either sell or secure contracts to sell four of our donated vessels for a total of $241,200. It was a great year!



Captain Bob’s Statement

Story 1

One of our students, Odinald, has been involved with the program the last few years at the Belle Glade Youth Empowerment Center. He was a quiet and shy person, but an excellent angler. He always sat off to the side and caught fish after fish, while the rest of the group hung out talking. This year, I received a phone call from Odi. He explained he was interested in forming a fishing and adventure club at Glades Central High School. This once-shy student has formed the club and recruited students for it. Thanks to Odi’s hard work and belief in the program, the Glades Central club is one of our most successful groups today.

Story 2

Our older students at the Belle Glade YEC have been mentoring our middle school students by helping them with their fishing skills. They mentor them while on fishing trips. Barry has been the most helpful of all the students. The middle school students all look up to him. They are always hanging around him trying to emulate everything he does. Barry is the one who catches the most fish week after week.



Need for 2016-17

Expanding the program to reach even more youth is at the heart of our need to grow. We believe the time is ripe and we are ready to realize our ultimate ambition — to launch a marine lab in our own facility. With this program, a first for Palm Beach County and a long time coming, we intend to expand our award-winning services to students and veterans who are dependent on a wheelchair. To do this, we have an immediate need for:

  • $750,000, for the FFA to purchase the Thea Marie, a 49-passenger handicapped-accessible vessel
  • Two new staff members for 2015-16, complete with three years of funding:
    • $45,000/year, plus performance bonuses, for an Instructor
    • $45,000/year, plus performance bonuses, for a Fundraising Director to handle marketing, events and other fundraising initiatives
  • A second Instructor by Year 2, for two years of funding at $45,000 each year
  • A third Instructor by Year 3, for one year of funding at $45,000
  • A 38-foot wheelchair-accessible bus, estimated at $85,000
  • A handicapped-accessible floating dock, at $20,000
  • 11 SeaSpis (handicapped-accessible self-propelled water vehicles) and trailer, estimated at $15,000
  • A facility, possibly the old Northboro school building, to house an educational Marine Lab (estimated cost of rehabbing Northboro: $946,129)


Total immediate revenue need: $1,123,329 (breakdown below)

Need 2016 2017 2018 Total
Instructor $45,000 $45,000 $45,000
Instructor $45,000 $45,000
Instructor $45,000
Fundraising Director $45,000 $45,000 $45,000
Bus $85,000
Floating Dock $20,000
11 Sea Spis $15,000
Marine Lab -Northboro $946,129
Thea Marie 250,000 250,000 250,000
Total $1,406,129 $385,000 $430,000 $2,221,129
Sale of boats $230,000      
Impact 100 bus and employee credit $52,800      
Total $1,123,329 $385,000 $430,000 $1,938,329

Program Budget

  Cost Current funded amount Funding agency
Angling for a Healthy Future $60,514 $60,514 Prime Time

Palm Beach County

Riviera Beach Community Boating Program $30,000 $30,000 Riviera Beach Community Redevelopment Agency
Charting a Course in the Marine Industry $42,000 $42,000 United Way of

Palm Beach County


2016 Budget

Fundraisers $53,075
Program contracts $132,514
Grants and foundations $82,000
Camps $3,800
Boat sales $50,000
Misc $45,358
   Total $366,747
Annual fundraiser $3,344
Program supplies $6,467
Payroll $176,723
Insurance, boat maintenance and repairs $57,278
Administrative $14,964
Misc $24,786
Total $283,562